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Let The Fires Rage by MyStoryIsDone


Let The Fires Rage by MyStoryIsDone

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Mittens the Texting Cat [via]

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wibbly wobbly challenge: favorite two characters in six gifs (1/2)- jackie tyler

Let me tell you something. About those who get left behind. Because it’s hard. And that’s what you become, hard. But if there’s one thing I’ve learnt, it’s that I will never let her down. And I’ll protect them both until the end of my life. So whatever you want, I’m warning you: back off. “

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WIP Jenna’s dress.  Would you like me to finish it?
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WIP Jenna’s dress. Would you like me to finish it?

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What happened to the other people that travelled with you?
Some left me. Some got left behind. And some… not many, but… some died.

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my friends have always been the best of me

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so i was at the beach and i made this thing but than it grew into something bigger than myself….

  • so wrote a message to the doctor on the beach in giant letters. when i went to take the picture a guy and his girlfriend stopped me

guy: (*condescendingly) hey there, you takin a picture of that to send to your “sweetie”?

me: no sir im a looser. i dont have a girlfriend. this is from a TV show.

couple: *laughs and leaves


  • at least 50 people stopped to take pictures. i actually saw girls stop and put pictures of this on instagram. i saw couples kissing on the cliff over this. i saw a guy stop and tell his girlfriend that he made this for her. THAN SOME MOTHERFUCKER NAMED GENEVIEVE WROTE “THNX” NEXT TO IT (LIKE FUCK YOU GENEVIEVE!!!)

moral of the story: doctor who and blissfully stupid people made my day.

I am squeeing so loudly!

can we make the Doctor Who Tumblr find this thing?

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